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The Constantini's ministry in France


You can help me win and disciple the world for Christ.

Bienvenue! Welcome!

May 21, 2016

We are very pleased to welcome you on our blog.

It will be the place for us to share news about our lives and ministries. The spiritual needs of France are great, but our Lord is even greater!

With many French believers, we share a vision: “1 pour 10,000”  – one evangelical church for every 10,000 inhabitants. The number of evangelical churches has grown significantly over the past 40 years, but many parts of the country remain without a clear, biblical Gospel witness.

Planting new churches not only makes it easier for existing believers to get to a service, but also means that churches can increasingly build genuinely local congregations to be “salt and light” in their local communities, thus impacting the national culture for Christ.

We work in Western France, in the town of Melle, heart of a county with 43,000 inhabitants where only a handful of believers reside.

Thank you for joining us in God’s work!